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KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube

KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube Race Report: GP6 Talavera.

The sixth round of the MXGP world championship in Talavera de la Reina brought the summer feeling in the paddock. Temperatures around 30°C, an old school hard packed track and thousands of spectators were the usual typical elements for a Spanish GP.

With a third and a fifth place in the races Maxime Renaux finished fourth overall, tied in points with the third place rider. In the first race Maxime was 5th after lap 1 and moved up to third. In the second moto he had some troubles at the start gate and had a bad start. He managed to pick up a lot of places in the first lap and soon was back in the top 10. He continued moving up and crossed the line in 5th place.
The French youngster now moves back up to second in the standings, 19 points behind todays winner Jorge Prado.

Damon Graulus scored another overall podium in the EMX2 class aboard his YZ250F. Damon finished second in both races doing a great job in the points standings as leader Adam Sterry lost some points in Spain. Damon had a great fight in the first moto for the victory but armpump forced him to set back a little. In the second moto it took him a little too long to get in second place and by then the gap was too big. Damon stays fourth in the championship but closes in to the leader. The difference is now 12 points.

After a bad start, both Benoit and Brent had a difficult qualification race. Benoit finished 15th followed by Brent in 16th. At the start of the first moto Benoit had a good jump out of the gate but in the first corner he couldn’t avoid Seewer, who crashed right in front of him. Rejoining way behind the rest Benoit came back to 15th and limited the damage, even though he was riding without front brake. Brent managed to avoid the start chaos and left the first corners in 6th position. He rode an excellent race and only few laps before the finish he got passed by Guillod.

In the second moto both KEMEA riders and another rider collided only meters out of the gate. They crashed hard and lost a lot of time. In their rush forward both riders crashed another time. Benoit eventually finished 18th with Brent behind him in 19th.

"I’m a little disappointed on my starts this weekend. The speed in the races was there and I managed to comeback really good in both races. I have the feeling that if the starts were better, the results could have been better too."

Maxime Renaux

"I’m happy with this podium… Only thing I could have improved was during the first moto. Instead of riding to Desprey and passing him immediately I should have been patient and have waited a little longer. Now I burnt myself a little and had to let him by again suffering armpump. The second moto I didn’t have the same feeling and it took me too long to make the passes. Luckily I got to second. In the championship everything gets closer and we’re going to some tracks I like a lot now, so I’m positive for the next rounds."

Benoit Paturel

"First race was great! I had a good feeling and managed to follow the top 5 for quite a while, which really pleased me. I finished 7th and that’s the best result so far. In the second moto we had the crash at the start. I don’t know exactly what happened but I think Brylyakov took me and then Benoit out. I was a little dizzy at first and couldn’t find my bike in the beginning. After that I had another crash where I got stuck with my thumb behind the handlebars. It hurt pretty much and was in survival mode for the rest of the moto. I couldn’t hold the bike anymore. I got another two points, but wanted to have a similar race as in race 1. I hope the thumb will be ok, I will get it checked and see then if I race next week in Rhenen and Wuustwezel."

Brent Vandoninck

"Overall it was a good weekend but once again Both Benoit and Brent had 1 bad race. Something we need to work on is to have steady results in both races. I know they couldn’t help this start crash but it’s important to score well in both motos. Brent rode a superb first moto. Benoit had no front brake anymore after the crash, so he did well to get back to 15th… Damon rode really good. I’m happy with his speed. In my eyes he should have won the first moto if he waited a little longer to make the pass, but he realized himself after the race. Maxime too had another solid performance. He had some issues at the start of the second moto but still came back strong."

Marnicq Bervoets

Full Results can be found here

Images: Bavo Swijgers