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Diventa un rivenditore autorizzato Registrati Video Tutorial

Gentili Partner,

a causa dell’attuale situazione relativa al Coronavirus, la quale sta avendo serie ripercussioni in Europa e nel mondo, noi di PARTS EUROPE desideriamo assicurarvi che stiamo facendo tutto ciò che è in nostro potere per mantenere la consueta attività aziendale e fornire il miglior servizio possibile in queste circostanze.

Tutti gli impiegati di PARTS EUROPE stanno lavorando duramente per mantenere il miglior servizio possibile e faremo tutto ciò che è in nostro potere per continuare a sostenere la vostra attività come sempre.

Di seguito troverete la dichiarazione rilasciata dalla nostra direzione aziendale.

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Moto GP

Moto GP Argentinia: Pedrosa on the podium

Dani Pedrosa started well, but while Marc slotted into third place on his first lap, Dani was pushed wide by another rider in turn 1 and became stuck in the second group, unable to maintain contact with the front. Although Dani’s pace wasn’t as fast as he would have liked, he remained cool and focused, and with Viñales, Dovizioso and Iannone all crashing, he was able to secure the third step of the podium and take over third position in the championship.

"I had a good start but someone, I didn't know who, came straight through the first turn, and I had to pick up my bike and go wide in order to avoid him. If I had kept my line, for sure I would’ve crashed, so I went way out and then found myself in the middle of the group. It was very difficult because the lines they were doing were quite crazy, and of course I lost a lot of ground there. Anyway, my pace wasn’t good, and that’s disappointing, but I tried to keep my line for the entire race. Finally, this was maybe the luckiest day of my career because many riders crashed in front of me and I was able to take third. Last year I wasn’t even here, so it’s positive to be on the podium this time. Anyway, we have to look ahead and keep working hard to improve the bike to be faster."

Dani Pedrosa