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KEMEA Yamaha official MX2 riders set for the first clash

With the MXGP in Glen Helen and the MXON in Maggiora barely out of sight, the new season is only hours away from a fresh start. After weeks of hard work and a lot of testing, this weekend will show if it has paid off.

The few preseason races showed some good results for the KEMEA riders and going to Qatar, the expectations are high.

Newcomer to the team Alvin Ostlund soon found himself comfortable in the team and joined Benoit and Brent in the training program with Jacky Vimond. At the Italian championships and in Lacappelle Alvin showed good speed on all surfaces, getting close to the top MX2 riders. Despite some crashes in these races Brent has once again showed his potential and Benoit meanwhile showed the speed and confidence to race for victories in 2017.

"All three riders have had a good winter and I can’t wait to get it started! I’m proud of the work they put in together with Jacky Vimond. The atmosphere between them is great and they push each other to get faster and faster. If we can start the season with all three riders in the top 10 I will be satisfied after the weekend."

Marnicq Bervoets

"From the first day on I felt welcome and integrated in the team and that’s very important. Training with Jacky joined by Brent and Benoit made me improve a lot during the winter. As I’m basically on the same bike as last year, the change was pretty easy. I feel good on the bike and I’m looking forward to put some decent results and gain a lot of experience this year. My goal is to finish in the top 8 all year long with hopefully some stand outs."

Alvin Ostlund

"This was the best winter I had in years. I managed to stay healthy and I feel my riding has improved. I was happy with my riding in the preseason races, although the results weren’t that good. I had some crashes but luckily without any damage. The main thing for me will be to bring the speed I have on training on to the race. But I’m not planning to take too much risks. I want to race all GP’s this year and the season is very long. I hope to be around top 6 to kick off the season in Qatar and from there on we’ll see how everything goes."

Brent Vandoninck

"I think it’s clear my goal is to race for the championship this year. Physically I’m ready to start the season and to battle for the victory. I had a great winter and I have to thank Brent and Alvin to keep me sharp, because their speed has forced me to improve mine as hard as I could. It’s a long season though, with a lot of races. The prices are given out at the end of the season, so it will be important to stay healthy all season long. For my last year at the KEMEA team, I want to give my best… For myself, but also for the whole team that believes in me and works so hard. With the 20th anniversary this year for the team it would be awesome to get the championship for them!"

Benoit Paturel

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