KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube

KEMEA Yamaha Official MX team: GP11  Matterley Basin, UK

Benoit Paturel qualified in 6th after a good race. GP rookie Karlis Sabulis, replacing Brent while he’s recovering, crossed the line in 21st place.
In the first MX2 moto Paturel had a huge crash in the first lap. He got a hard hit on his head and was dizzy at first. He left the race and was complaining about a stiff neck. Together with the team Benoit decided not to start in the second moto, but he should be ok for next week.

Karlis had a decent start and was riding in 16th in the opening stages. Gaining more and more confidence he moved up to eleventh and only lost 1 place towards the end of the race. He crossed the line in 12th.
In the seconde moto the Latvian had a similar start. He rode around 16th for most of the race but managed to climb up in the ranks in the last laps. Once again he had a brilliant 12th in moto 2 and scored 11th overall in his GP debut for the KEMEA team. He enters the championship ranks in 34th while Benoit loses a place and drops back to fifth due to the DNF’s today.

"I came to this race without any expectations, and also the team didn’t put any pressure at all. But everything went really good! I was feeling really comfortable on the YZ250F and the advice from Jacky Vimond was really useful! I never expected I would finish 11th overall in my first GP. I got a little tired halfway through the second moto but I knew I was capable of passing the riders ahead of me, so I pushed hard and had another good result. I really want to thank the KEMEA team for this opportunity. On to the next one!"

Karlis Sabulis

Images @shotbybavo