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KEMEA Yamaha Official MX2 Race Report, GP19 Villars sous Ecot, France.

The last round of the 2017 MXGP world championship took place last weekend on the hillsides of Villars sous Ecot. As this is the hometrack of Benoit, the team was looking forward to end the season here on a high note, but the severe injury decided from Paturel kind of made this hopes dissapear. Benoit was present though in Villars to support his teammates and to see them battling the muddy track.

On Saturday afternoon heavy rain turned the nice track into a mud bath, changing the riding conditions completely. In the qualifying race Brent had a terrible start and got buried in the back of the pack. He regrouped immediately though and started an impressive comeback. In his way up he got hit by stones in both eyes but still managed to finish seventh. Alvin had a good start but soon faced goggle issues and bad visibility. He had a crash and dropped back a lot of places. In the end he crossed the line in 16th position.

The weather didn’t improve on Sunday and the track got really rough and difficult for the riders. After some first lap issues Brent immediately lost his goggles and twisted his knee in a deep rut. He tried to move on but eventually left the race. He had too much pain and decided to call it a day and sit out the second moto.
Alvin showed he likes this conditions and rode a good race finishing 9th in the first moto.

In the final race of the season Alvin was inside the top 10 for most of the race, but towards the end some mistakes dropped him to 13th. He closed the season with a 10th overall and gets 14th in the world championship.
Despite not having scored points Brent finished the season in 10th position overall. Benoit from his side had bad luck a couple of weeks ago and missed the last 3 GP’s while standing third in the championship. In the end Paturel is fifth overall in his last MX2 season.

"Although Villars is not really my kind of track, I enjoyed the weekend and the muddy conditions. I felt good on the bike and some small mistakes ruined a good result. It’s good to finish the season with a top 10. I’m looking forward now to prepare for the MXON in two weeks."

Alvin Ostlund

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