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KEMEA Yamaha Official MX2 Race Report, GP11 Ottobiano, Italy.

With organizational troubles for the club of Maggiora, the second Italian GP was moved to Ottobiano. The track is completely new on the GP calendar but certainly isn’t new to most of the riders. With a lot of testing in preseason being done on this track and an annual round for the Italian championship, riders knew what they could expect. Summer came by too and launched the temperatures into the high 30’s.

In qualification Benoit was the fastest KEMEA rider crossing the line in 5th. Brent finished the race in 12th and Alvin got 22nd after a first lap crash.

On Sunday, an early thunderstorm didn’t cool down the area around the track and the riders had to deal with tropical conditions.
Benoit had a good start and settled in 8th in the early laps of the first race. After that he started to push and moved up lap by lap. With the others dropping their lap times under the heat, Benoit finished a strong second.  Alvin had a decent start too and moved up from 12th in the beginning to 8th at the finish. Brent crossed the finish line in 15th after lap 1 and finished 1 place behind Alvin in 9th.

In the second moto Ostlund had a great jump and took off in 7th place. He put his head down and rode a real strong race, finishing in 5th which is his best result so far.  Brent initially had a good start and moved up to seventh, but after halfway the heat started to weigh hard on his shoulders and he had to drop the pace to finish 12th. Benoit meanwhile had a horror start and was 26th at the first timing point. He gave all he had and after a hard battle with Lieber he managed to comeback to 7th. In the day results Benoit misses out on the podium by two points. Alvin got 7th overall and Brent closes the top 10.

In the championship standings Benoit remains in 5th but closes now to 3rd within 13 points. Brent is in 10th and Alvin keeps progressing and is now in 14th.

"Seems like the same story over and over…I’m disappointed on 4th place to be honest. I The first moto once again was good and I had a good feeling finishing second. The second moto I had two crashes in the first lap and got all the way in the back. It was so hot but I gave it all. I know I below on the podium and I have the speed to do so. Let’s keep positive and work hard to get back on there!"

Benoit Paturel

"That must have been one of the toughest races I’ve ridden. I’ve never been a fan of those hot conditions and I’m not able to handle it well. I know it’s the same for everybody though, so luckily we don’t get those conditions too much in a year. My wrist has been bothering me all weekend long too. There’s no damage in it but it took such a hard hit that it keeps hurting. It was ok to ride but quiet painful. In the races things were going not too bad in both motos. In moto 1 I was quiet happy with 9th in these conditions. In the second I was riding well in 7th, but after halfway the heat took over. I got dizzy and sick and barely held on to finish the race. But up to Portugal now. I have another week to let the wrist heal and will only ride once this week to let it rest."

Brent Vandoninck

"I’m really happy with the results this weekend. I felt good all weekend long and despite my bad gate position I still managed to get decent starts. Obviously the races were really hard because of the heat, but I must say I was still ok after the race. I’m looking forward to go to Portugal. I’ve never been there but It looks like a nice track. Things have been going great lately with best ever results in both Russia and now in Italy. I’m gaining confidence each time and it shows in the results."

Alvin Ostlund

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