KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube

KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube team dominates MX2 class at Belgian Championship Round 1.

Last weekend the first race of the Belgian national championship took place in Moerbeke-Waas. New this year in the national championship is MX1 and MX2 riding together in the 3 motos. Both get a separate classification but like this the start line is full with the best riders. Both Damon and Brent will battle for the MX2 title this year.

On the heavy track both riders were feeling good without taking too many mistakes. At the end of the day Brent and Damon were on the podium splitting the moto wins between themselves. Brent won the overall with two MX2 victories and a second place. Damon got second with two second place finishes and a moto win.

"People told me this was a ‘cornfield race’, but it was even worse then I expected. At some place it was really dangerous. Riding went well and I’m satisfied on that. My starts were good and I had a good pace. In the second race I got stuck in a rut made by the sidecars and I crashed. I got back to 17th which is good in this combined MX1/MX2 race."

Brent Vandoninck

"Riding went pretty good today. After some rough and difficult weeks this race was important to get some confidence again. My ankle doesn’t bother me too much anymore. When I tape it well I don’t feel it while riding. I’m happy with the result and satisfied to leave here without crashes or injuries."

Damon Graulus

"I’m really satisfied on the performance today. Both Damon and Brent rode great and the results speak for themselves. In the MX2 class there wasn’t too much competition, but when you compare to the Open class it was good. Brent has some momentum going right now. His starts were really good and he had a good pace. Damon too rode good. He was very consistent and didn’t make any major errors. The only thing he can work on is to be a little more aggressive, which would make him a lot fast. Anyway, today was a good day and that’s important for the confidence."

Marnicq Bervoets


First Race:
1. Jeremy van Horebeek
2. Kevin Strijbos
3. Jeffrey Dewulf
4. Ken de Dycker
5. Pauls Jonass
6. Steve Ramon
7. Brent Vandoninck (MX2)
8. Yentel Martens
9. Damon Graulus (MX2)
10. Jeremy Delincé

Second Race:
1.Jeremy van Horebeek
2. Ken de Dycker
3. Pauls Jonass
4. Jeffrey Dewulf
5. Kevin Strijbos
6. Steve Ramon
7. Jeremy Delincé
8. Yentel Martens
9. Jens Getteman
10. Damon Graulus (MX2)
17. Brent Vandoninck (MX2)

Third Race:
1. Jeremy van Horebeek
2. Kevin Strijbos
3. Pauls Jonass
4. Brent Vandoninck (MX2)
5. Jeffrey Dewulf
6. Yentel Martens
7. Jasikonis Arminas
8. Damon Graulus (MX2)
9. Jeremy Delincé
10. Mike Gijsbertsen

MX2 Overall:
1. Brent Vandoninck, 72p
2. Damon Graulus, 69p
3. Mark Boot, 56p
4. Cedric Grobben, 54p
5. Jonas Salaets, 40p