KEMEA Yamaha

Good training for the KEMEA Yamaha riders at Belgian championship in Mons.

Last sunday the second round of the Belgian championship took place on the heavy sand track of Mons. After his overall MX2 victory in Moerbeke at the first round, Brent Vandoninck defended his top spot against his main competitor and team mate Damon Graulus, who was very motivated. Meanwhile Benoit competed in the Open class with his YZ250F as the MX2 championship is only allowed for Belgian riders, despite of the two classes riding together.

Brent has some momentum going right now and he proved this by finishing first MX2 rider in all three motos. He mixed up with the 450’s and can look back to a successful day finishing 5-6-4. Damon finished third overall in the MX2 class with a 9-22-10 score. Damon showed good speed all day long but didn’t see that rewarded in the results after some small mistakes and a technical problem in the second moto. With a 7-12-6 score Benoit got 6th overall in the Open class. The main goal for him was to get some racing time in the sand.

"This was a successful training looking ahead to the GP in Valkenswaard coming in two weeks. Brent proved he’s riding well at the moment. Unfortunately he lost the third place in the second moto by crashing at the end, but that’s the toll of learning… Damon too rode solid today. Especially in the second moto he was riding really good until he dropped back with a techical issue. The most important is to see that he regained confidence on the bike. Looking back at where Benoit was in january, he has made a big step forward in the sand. I realize there’s still a lot of work to do and that a GP will be something different, but seeing the progression satisfies me. The goal is to gain experience this year so he’s ready to be up there next season, so we’re on schedule. We can leave to Italy now with some confidence in the bag."

Marnicq Bervoets

The KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube team has a busy weekend ahead at the MXGP in Italy. Next to Benoit and Brent in MX2GP, Damon will participate in the first EMX2 round. On top of that the young 14-year old French talent Maxime Renaux will also get the support of Yamaha Europe under the KEMEA tent for the first EMX125cc race.

Results BK Mons:

Overall INTERS MX2 – MONS:
1. Brent VAN DONINCK 75 pts;
2. Cedric GROBBEN 58 pts;
3. Damon GRAULUS 56 pts;
4. Mark BOOT 54 pts;
5. Max ENGELEN 51 pts;
6. Ludovic BREVERS 49 pts;
7. Rob KONINGS 41 pts;
8. Eythor REYNISSON 38 pts;
9. Yannick HEYLEN 30 pts;
10. Dylan VERLEYSEN 12 pts;
11. Jonas SALAETS 11 pts

Belgian championship INTERS MX2 standings:
1. Brent VAN DONINCK 147 pts;
2. Damon GRAULUS 125 pts;
3. Cedric GROBBEN 112 pts;
4. Mark BOOT 110 pts;
5. Rob KONINGS 80 pts;
6. Yannick HEYLEN 68 pts;
7. Eythor REYNISSON 66 pts;
8. Ludovic BREVERS 64 pts;
9. Max ENGELEN 51 pts;
10. Jonas SALAETS 51 pts;
11. Dylan VERLEYSEN 51 pts;
12. Jens CARLIER 33 pts;
13. Robin BAKENS 20 pts;
14. Dieter VROMANS 11 pts