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Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

Stage Two Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge: Victory For Adrien Van Beveren.

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team’s Adrien Van Beveren has won stage two, continuing the team’s highly positive start to the rally. The Frenchman was faultless through the longest special stage of the event and now moves up to second place in the overall provisional classification.

With the terrain providing a seriously physical test, the riders raced for well over four hours and covered over 330 kilometres of rolling, power-sapping sand dunes, which pushed the team’s Yamaha WR450F Rally machinery to its absolute limits.

As the fifth rider to enter stage two, Van Beveren capitalised by following in the wheel tracks of those who opened the special, securing the stage win. Able to focus on his riding and maintain a high pace throughout the special, the Frenchman was in his element racing through the endless sand dunes that formed a large part of the stage. In taking a well-deserved victory, Van Beveren now advances to second place in the overall provisional classification.

Following on from today’s long day in the saddle, tomorrow’s stage three will cover 324.62 kilometres with 290km of those raced against the clock. Once completed, just two more days of racing at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge will remain.

"I’ve had a really good day and I’m really happy to have won today. I made up a lot of time before refuelling and with some calculations, I thought it would be possible to catch the leaders on the stage. My speed was good but I came up a little short. Today’s stage had the perfect terrain for me, so I’m really pleased that I could show what I can do when it’s almost all sand dunes like it was today. It’s still early in the rally and tomorrow I will open the stage so it’s likely that I will lose some time, but I will do my best to minimise that and focus on my navigation to ensure another strong result."

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

Race results: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2021

Stage 2 Provisional Classification:
1. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 4:24:34
2. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 4:26:56 + 0:02:22
3. Daniel Sanders (GASGAS) 4:27:35 + 0:03:01
4. Ross Branch (Yamaha) 4:32:36 + 0:08:02
5. Aaron Mare (KTM) 4:40:16 + 0:15:42
6. Sebastian Buhler (Hero) 4:41:08 + 0:16:34

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 2):
1. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 7:52:31
2. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 7:55:10 + 0:02:38
3. Daniel Sanders (GASGAS) 7:56:13 + 0:03:41
4. Ross Branch (Yamaha) 7:58:07 + 0:05:36
5. Joaquim Rodrigues (Hero) 8:16:27 + 0:23:56
6. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 8:16:28 + 0:23:57