Moose Racing Report

Vlaanderen shows top ten speed again in France

The twelfth stop on the MXGP calendar was an old-school track in the form of Lacapelle-Marival in France. It's a track known by many of the Grand Prix riders as they use the Lacapelle-Marival international pre-season race to prepare for the MXGP season but it was time for the track to host an MXGP event.

The track was tricky with a lot of square-edge bumps and was slick in places meaning throttle control was required. 

In the first race things were looking good for Calvin Vlaanderen was he was running comfortably in the top ten in a solid eighth spot but on the thirteenth lap a mechanical issue meant his race was over which was a big shame. 

Brent Van Doninck didn't get a good start which was very important at this track as passing was incredibly difficult but he worked his way from outside the top twenty to a solid fifteenth. 

Unfortunately, Kevin Strijbos had an even worse start than van Doninck as he crossed the first lap in twenty-third with a lot of work to do. On lap seven, disaster struck as his shift level got bent which meant he had to retire from the race. 

In the second moto, Vlaanderen took another good start running inside the top ten and he was able to bring home a solid seventh. If it wasn't for the bike issue in race one, he'd have been in the top ten of the overall standings so he can be happy with his riding. 

Van Doninck took a better start in race two and after passing Brian Bogers for fourteenth was pushing forward but had a big crash. When the Belgian remounted, he was outside the points and had a painful wrist so decided to retire from the race. 

Around the first corner, Strijbos was pretty much dead last which was far from ideal, but he didn't give up and put his head down. He was able to recover to twenty-third position which meant no championship points for his efforts which is disappointing. 

Round thirteen of MXGP heads to Spain this weekend which will present another hard pack track for the MXGP riders.


" It was a horrible day. I didn't feel it in practice so I knew I would have a bad start. I didn't feel it in the first moto and was running twenty-second when my shift lever got bent so that ended my race. The second race was even worse, I have no confidence at the moment."

Kevin Strijbos (26th overall)

"I had a solid day here in Germany and I’m happy with where I’m at. I knew time practice would be important so I was happy I could get a clean lap and get seventh. I had a good start first race and was comfortable in eighth when I had an unfortunate bike issue. In the second race I had another good start and rode a consistent race in seventh. My goal is still to be inside the top 10 at the end of the championship so my head is down, and I'm focused for this. We focus on the next one now which is in Spain. Thanks to my mechanic and team for always working hard."

Calvin Vlaanderen (13th overall)

"It was another rough and tough day for me, I'm not so happy. Timed practice was a little bit better than previous GP's, I was twelfth and I was quite happy with that as it meant I had an alright gate pick. In the first moto I messed up the first corner completely and almost crashed so I had to come from outside the top twenty. Some riders DNF'd so I finished fifteenth, but I didn't really have the flow I wanted. In the second moto I had a better start and after fifteen minutes I passed Bogers for fourteenth. After that I had a pretty big crash and hurt my wrist a bit, I was out of the points, and it was painful, so I pulled out. The past few GP's aren't what I am hoping for but I need to get myself together to finish the season on a good note."

Brent van Doninck (20th overall)