Dakar, Stage 8: Marathon stage

Dakar Rally - Stage 7 : Marathan stage puts Van Beveren to the test

The eighth stage of the 2021 Dakar Rally formed the second and final leg of the event’s gruelling marathon stage. Heading south west to Neom on the Red Sea coast, the stage opened with technical, rocky terrain before following sandy tracks in the second half where accurate navigation was needed to ensure a strong finish on the 375-kilometre special. Upon completion and after 828 kilometres of racing with no technical support, Adrien was reunited with his team in the bivouac where mechanics will now prepare the bikes for tomorrow’s stage nine.

Adrien Van Beveren continues to post consistent results at the 2021 Dakar Rally. Knowing the importance of successfully completing the marathon stage unscathed, the Frenchman ended the day in 13th and looks forward to the upcoming stages, which are set to take place on terrain more to his liking. Currently 14th in the provisional standings, Adrien is poised and ready to break into the overall top 10 during the days ahead.

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

"Nothing special today for me, just consistent riding and then in the second half of the stage I was able to push more and felt more like myself. It was important to complete the marathon stage without any issues which I did, so I’m happy. The bike is good and tomorrow’s stage looks like the terrain will be similar to the end of today’s stage, so I’m looking forward to it."

Stage nine of the 2021 Dakar Rally is a loop stage beginning in Neom on the sandy shore of the Red Sea. After a brief time on smooth sand, the 465-kilometre special takes riders inland on sandy tracks that form much of the stage’s terrain. Near its conclusion, competitors will need to accurately navigate their way through multiple rocky canyons to secure a strong result.

Dakar Rally 2021:

Stage 4 Provisional Classification:

1. Jose Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) 3:08:40
2. Toby Price (KTM) 3:09:45 + 0:01:05
3. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 3:11:30 + 0:02:50
4. Sam Sunderland (KTM) 3:12:26 + 0:03:46
5. Kevin Benavides (Honda) 3:14:09 + 0:05:29
6. Joan Barreda (Honda) 3:14:27 + 0:05:47

13. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 3:21:28 + 0:12:48

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 4):

1. Jose Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) 32:00:11
2. Toby Price (KTM) 32:01:17 + 0:01:06
3. Sam Sunderland (KTM) 32:06:08 + 0:05:57
4. Kevin Benavides (Honda) 32:13:09 + 0:12:58
5. Joan Barreda (Honda) 32:16:16 + 0:16:05
6. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 32:17:53 + 0:17:42

14. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 32:50:41 + 0:50:30