Moose Racing Report

Bad luck for Gebben Van Venrooy Racing at last Kegums MXGP round.

It was time for the final race to take place at Kegums which was the third GP race in a week – the track was brutal for the riders and it was another hot day to make it even more difficult.

In qualifying, Vlaanderen put in a fast lap and was sixth fastest just less than two seconds off pole so he went into the main moto’s feeling good. Lupino put in the twentieth time in a deep field but was only 4.4 off the pace. Putting in the thirty-third time was Covington who was hoping to grab his first MXGP points. 

In the first moto, Vlaanderen dropped it on the first lap giving him plenty of work to do. Fortunately for him he was flying through the pack and in the end came home in thirteenth, a good recovery ride for the Yamaha rider. 

It wasn’t the best of races for Lupino who’s been riding with a painful knee as he had to withdraw from the race after eight gruelling laps at a tough circuit. Covington ended up twenty-sixth but was eager to improve on that in the second moto. 

Despite showing impressive speed, Vlaanderen can’t seem to get through an opening lap unscathed at the moment which is a shame. In moto two he stalled the bike and then crashed coming up through the pack after colliding with another rider. Unfortunately, the bike was too damaged to continue the race which resulted in a DNF. 

It was decided that Lupino wouldn’t race the second race due to a painful knee and not feeling good on the bike. The Italian has been struggled since his crash in Russia last year but will now work hard during the break before the next round of MXGP so we can see him at his best in the near future. It was a good moto for Thomas Covington as he battled hard to gain his first MXGP points. The American didn’t get a good start but he came through from twenty-fourth to eighteenth for three championship points. It’s a step in the right direction and he’ll hope to improve as the season progresses.


"Today was the last one here in Latvia and I was ready for a good day. I qualified in P6 which is good. First race I crashed in lap 1 and charged hard to P13. Second race I stalled the bike going into the first turn and went down and coming through the field another rider hit my front wheel and I went down. I picked up the bike to go again but the handlebars were bent so I couldn’t finish. I am very disappointed to finish like this! I know I have the speed to run inside top 7 but I would just love to show it. Anyway, I learnt a lot these 3 races and I’ll work hard now for the next GP."

Calvin Vlaanderen (18th overall)

"I had a really tough day. I was feeling faster today and good on the bike but I never got a good feeling with the track. I had to really fight to find a good feeling I never got. I crashed at the start with the other guys in the first moto and then I crashed again so then I stopped. In the second moto again I crashed at the start so it’s a day to forget. I’m very disappointed and also for the team, I’m sorry about it. I feel I can do more but it’s hard because I haven’t showed it, I hope on Sunday I can do a better race."

Alessandro Lupino (32nd overall)

"I feel so sorry for team and sponsors. I haven’t felt good for a while. From the big crash I had last year in Russia I’m not riding free anymore and I’ve been struggling a lot.  We will take recuperation for the next GP; I know I have everything to show with my speed."

Thomas Covington (21st overall)