Thor Race Report

Thor Race report: Coldenhoff podiums in Turkey.

The penultimate round of the FIM MXGP series held in Afyon, Turkey has seen Thor’s, Glenn Coldenhoff, take his 4th consecutive podium in an epic battle.

Magnificent weather conditions and a well-prepped track set the scene for the first MXGP moto. Glenn Coldenhoff grabbed a top 3 start and gave chase to Jonas and Herlings in the opening laps. Keeping a steady pace Coldenhoff kept up the pressure but could not manage to make a move on Jonas before the checkered flag. Team-mate, Ivo Monticelli made good progress coming from a mid-pack start to finish 8th behind Tonus and Gasjer.

Determined to fight for the win in the second moto, Coldenhoff took control of the race from the second corner as he rocketed his way into the lead. Herlings followed closely in a cat and mouse game that would last till the last lap – Coldenhoff held on and looked to have the victory in hands until Herlings made a last second move to claim victory. Montecelli held onto 3rd spot for most of the moto showing impressive speed and stamina. Gasjer eventually made a move on the flamboyant Italian relegating him to 4th.

With no time to rest on their laurels, THOR riders will head to the final round of the series which will take place in China at the Shanghai International off-road circuit next weekend.

Race results:

MXGP Race 1 Top Ten:
1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED, KTM), 35:00.462;
2. Pauls Jonass (LAT, Husqvarna), +0:05.289; 
3. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED, KTM), +0:14.900;
4. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, Yamaha), +0:16.700;
5. Gautier Paulin (FRA, Yamaha), +0:19.149;
6. Tim Gajser (SLO, Honda), +0:20.070;
7. Arnaud Tonus (SUI, Yamaha), +0:21.909; 
8. Ivo Monticelli (ITA, KTM), +0:23.649; 
9. Jeremy Van Horebeek (BEL, Honda), +0:25.023;
10. Arminas Jasikonis (LTU, Husqvarna), +0:26.621; 

MXGP Race 2 Top Ten:
1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED, KTM), 35:07.079; 
2. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED, KTM), +0:02.297;
3. Tim Gajser (SLO, Honda), +0:33.532;
4. Ivo Monticelli (ITA, KTM), +0:37.616;
5. Pauls Jonass (LAT, Husqvarna), +0:39.820;
6. Gautier Paulin (FRA, Yamaha), +0:41.352;
7. Jeremy Van Horebeek (BEL, Honda), +0:43.332;
8. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, Yamaha), +0:49.145;
9. Kevin Strijbos (BEL, Yamaha), +0:53.575;
10. Jordi Tixier (FRA, KTM), +1:03.479;

MXGP Overall Top Ten:
1. Jeffrey Herlings (NED, KTM), 50 points; 
2. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED, KTM), 42 p.;
3. Pauls Jonass (LAT, HUS), 38 p.;
4. Tim Gajser (SLO, HON), 35 p.; 
5. Ivo Monticelli (ITA, KTM), 31 p.;
6. Gautier Paulin (FRA, YAM), 31 p.;
7. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, YAM), 31 p.;
8. Jeremy Van Horebeek (BEL, HON), 26 p.;
9. Kevin Strijbos (BEL, YAM), 22 p.;
10. Jordi Tixier (FRA, KTM), 20 p.;

MXGP ChampionshipTop Ten:
1. Tim Gajser (SLO, HON), 744 points;
2. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, YAM), 542 p.;
3. Gautier Paulin (FRA, YAM), 499 p.; 
4. Glenn Coldenhoff (NED, KTM), 488 p.;
5. Arnaud Tonus (SUI, YAM), 463 p.;
6. Pauls Jonass (LAT, HUS), 428 p.;
7. Arminas Jasikonis (LTU, HUS), 416 p.;
8. Jeremy Van Horebeek (BEL, HON), 403 p.;
9. Romain Febvre (FRA, YAM), 384 p.;
10. Antonio Cairoli (ITA, KTM), 358 p.;