Watson fifth with Great-Britain.

The complete Kemea Yamaha Team - Ben Watson, Jago Geerts and Anthony Rodriguez - represented their countries at the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations in Red Bud, USA. Or was it Red Mud? The rain changed the iconic track into a tricky and muddy track.

Ben Watson - a rookie at the Nations - impressed with a fantastic fourth place in the second race. A result that helped team Great-Britain to finish fifth overall. The other rookie from the Kemea Yamaha Team - Jago Geerts - was asked to get one good result for team Belgium. And the teenager did not disappoint his team manager Johan Boonen. He finished 13th in his first race (fifth MX2-rider), starting from the outside at the gate.
Anthony Rodriguez, who was riding his third Nations, led team Venezuela to the A-final at the most prestigious event of the year. The Venezuelans finished 15th overall.

"My first Motocross of Nations was a great experience. I really loved the atmosphere of this race. I had two completely different motos. In the first one I had to start on the outside, in 27th position. I got stuck in a pile up in the first corner and was way back behind. In the second moto I had the inside position, took a perfect start and finished fourth. Super! A big thanks to my mechanic who did a great job between the races."

#919 Ben Watson

"We can't be happy with our seventh place overall. Nevertheless, my first Motocross of Nations was a nice experience. I struggled a bit on Saturday, maybe because I was a bit nervous. On Sunday I felt a lot better. My first race was a pretty good one. I think that I did what they expected me to do. The second race was difficult, because I was without goggles from the fourth lap. My eyes were hurting a lot, but I refused to give up."

#193 Jago Geerts

"My first goal was to get in the A-final with Venezuela. We managed to do that. That's the good news. But I wasn't really happy with my races. Riding in the mud is my weakness. I haven't done it enough, so I struggled a lot. Especially in the first moto. I tried to pass somebody, but got stuck in the deep mud and couldn't start the bike immediately. My second moto was a lot better. That was a relief."

#127 Anthony Rodriguez

Race results:

First moto:
1. Herlings (Ned/KTM);
2. Paulin (Fra/Hus);
3. Prado (Esp/KTM);
4. Tomac (USA/Kaw);
5. Desalle (Bel/Kaw);
6. Cairoli (Ita/KTM);
7. Ferrandis (Fra/Yam);
8. Lawrence (Aus/Hon);
9. Facciotti (Can/Hon);
10. Cervellin (Ita/Yam);...
13. GEERTS (Bel/Yam);
15. WATSON (GBr/Yam);
26. RODRIGUEZ (Ven/Yam)

Second moto:
1. Coldenhoff (Ned/KTM);
2. Lawrence (Aus/Hon);
3. Prado (Esp/KTM);
4. WATSON (GBr/Yam);
5. Seewer (Swi/Yam);
6. Van Horebeek (Bel/Yam);
7. Kullas (Est/Hus);
8. Ferrandis (Fra/Yam);
9. Barcia (USA/Yam);
10. Evans (Aus/KTM);...
18. GEERTS (Bel/Yam);
19. RODRIGUEZ (Ven/Yam)

Third moto (MXGP+Open):
1. Coldenhoff (Ned/KTM);
2. Herlings (Ned/KTM);
3. Paulin (Fra/Hus);
4. Cairoli (Ita/KTM);
5. Lupino (Ita/Kaw);
6. Anstie (GBr/Hus);
7. Tomac (USA/Kaw);
8. Nagl (Ger/TM);
9. Roczen (Ger/Hon);
10. Searle (GBr/Kaw)

World championship classification (20/20):
1. France 35;
2. Italy 37;
3. Netherlands 41;
4. Australia 48;
5. Great-Britain (Watson) 48;
6. USA 49;
7. Belgium (Geerts) 53;
8. Spain 63;
9. Estonia 71;
10. Germany 78;...
15. Venezuela (Rodriguez) 129