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KEMEA Yamaha Official MX2 Race Report, GP8 Teutschenthal, Germany.

The GP of Teutschenthal is one of the most iconic races of the season and always brings excitement and great racing on the natural track. A heavy monsoon on friday flooded the track and despite a warm sun on both Saturday and Sunday, the track got really rutted and technical.

After some bad weekends Benoit Paturel was happy to come to Germany to show his real potential. Already on Saturday he was feeling really good and won the qualification race, taking his first pole position. After a good start he managed to stay calm and avoid any mistakes, bringing him the victory and first gate pick for Sunday. Alvin had a solid race and finished in 12th while Brent had a bad race crashing in the early stages. He got 24th gate pick for the races.

As always in Teutschenthal, thousands of enthusiast race fans witnessed a decent start from Paturel in the first moto. He was riding in sixth position and in contact with the leaders when a technical issue forced him to withdraw from the race. Being all the way on the outside, Brent had a bad start in the first moto and was riding outside the points in the early stages of the race. On the technical track, passing wasn’t easy but Brent came back to 13th. Alvin crashed in the first lap and got back in the race way behind the rest. He didn’t give up but couldn’t score any points finishing in 27th.

The second moto Benoit had another good start coming from the inside gate. He got involved in the fight for the lead and was in second place for the entire race. At the end he came a bit closer to the leader but in the end he crossed the line in 2nd. He got 10th overall and remains in fifth in the championship.  Alvin finished 16th after a bad start from outside the top 20. He got 21st overall. This time Brent was the first lap victim crashing in the first corner. His handlebars were bent and he had to enter the pitman to straighten the bars. Lapping almost as fast as the leaders Brent started moving up but  after a late race crash he left the race.  Brent was 17th overall but drops 2 places in the championship to 8th.

"There were some positive things to remember this weekend. My speed was good and I felt comfortable all weekend. It gave me a good confidence to win my first qualifying race and to feel better again after some difficult weekends. In the first moto I had a good start and a steady pace. I finished 2nd and I’m happy with my riding. Unfortunately the small technical issue spoiled all podium hopes, but that’s motocross. I’m looking forward to Ernée already, as a home GP is always a bit special and I want to give my best for the home fans."

Benoit Paturel

"This was a weekend to forget as soon as possible… I don’t think I’ve ridden that bad this year. I never found a good feeling on the track all weekend long. In the qualification I crashed and maybe I gave up too fast, as the gate pick is really important in Teutschenthal. First moto I didn’t ride well and couldn’t get any further then 13th. In the second moto I crashed in the start, had to enter the pits and was almost lapped immediately. I rode better though in that second moto and had some good lap times. A couple of laps before the end I crashed again and I gave up… I’m happy the next race is already next weekend, so I can regroup fast and don’t need to think on the bad weekend for too long."

Brent Vandoninck

"This was another though race! When I look back to the weekend I’m happy with my riding but not with the results. The qualification race was ok, so I had a good gate pick for the races. In the first moto I had a good start and was riding inside the top 10 when somebody crashed in front of me. I couldn’t avoid him and dropped all the way to last. In the second moto I got hit in the beginning and lost some places but after that my riding was pretty good. Just need to get the results in now."

Alvin Ostlund

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