KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube

KEMEA Yamaha Yamalube Race Report GP18 Glen Helen

The epic Glen Helen Raceway hosted the last GP race of the 2015 season last weekend. In the center of American mx scene the European riders were able to show the Americans the GP scene is a solid championship too.

After the podium from Benoit last week in Mexico and the one from Brent in Assen both KEMEA riders were set to finish the season on a high note. Temperatures were tropical all weekend with peaks to 38°
For Benoit his chance pretty soon went down after he had a huge crash in the qualifying race. He hurt his ankle but luckily it was not too bad and he was able to ride with some pain killers. Brent finished in 11th on Saturday.

In the first moto Brent crashed and lost some places. As the race went on, Brent started to ride better and he finished in 14th. Benoit rode through the pain and crossed the line in 13th.

In the second moto, Brent got a better start. He was riding in 8th after a couple of laps and seemed to have a good pace. A bit later bad luck struck again as Brent got technical issues and had to retire. Benoit once again couldn’t ride at his best but fought himself in the top 10 with a 9th place.

Overall Benoit finished 10th and Brent 20th. In the final championship standings Benoit finished ninth and gets the first top 10 finish for the KEMEA team in their career. Despite having missed a couple of GP’s, Brent closes the season in 13th position in his rookie year.

"I’m disappointed with my result in this last GP. I loved the track here but couldn’t ride it like I wanted. I struggled a lot and although it started going better in the races, I had some bad luck. In the first moto I crashed in the second moto and lost some places. I came back 14th and had the feeling I was riding better and better, although I had no energy left at the end. In the second moto I messed up the start but managed to get through pretty well in the first lap. I was riding good in 8th but then got bike problems and had to abandon. I wanted to finish the season in a better way but that’s the sport… On thursday I will get surgery on my knee and get everything fixed towards next season."

Brent Vandoninck

"After my crash yesterday, I didn’t know if I would be able to ride on Sunday. My ankle hurts pretty bad and after some painkillers and a solid tape it was ok to ride. These aren’t the results I was looking for, but given the circumstances I’m happy to finish both moto’s. I was really lucky with the crash, so it’s good to have no major injuries."

Benoit Paturel